“This is the best after-school club I’ve ever been to!” Child, Forest School

“I love the smell of the Bay leaves on the fire…can I put another one on?” Child, Forest School

“[My son] loved building fires and learning about flint n steel…he’s become an eco-councillor at school and is keen to help the environment…[the sessions have] inspired us all as a family to do more outdoor pursuits” Parent, Forest School

“[My son] has really loved the sessions. His favourite activity after school” Parent, Forest School

Benefits gained from the sessions include: “Confidence, teamwork, new skills to put into action when [my son] next goes camping, craft skills, pride in the things he has made, new friends, respectful relationships with new adults” Parent, Forest School

“Really lovely morning teaching the children really useful skills in a very safe way. Lots of fun using tools. Kids absolutely loved it!” Parent, parks & woodland engagement sessions

“All the sessions have been inspiring- a great balance of practical and imaginative exercises. The Nettle string was the most interesting skill and it made the kids think about the uses of natural materials throughout history…Thank you- its been great and really hope we can do it again soon” Parent, home education programme

“I made a lovely stick and it was brilliant because I can walk around with it and use it like a map!” Child, home education programme

“I made elastic bands on a branch and it…played music. I’m really proud of my ‘electric guitar'” Child, home education programme

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